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Investigation Three comprises of a group of four people who came together at a workshop conducted by Ultra-red as part of their residency at Raven Row, London in 2009. The collaborators are Lucie Galand, Anna Kontopoulou, Robbie Lockwood and Rashmi Munikempanna.

Having started their collaboration by listening to Elephant and Castle Investigation Three worked with sound and amplified soundwalks in the area around the themes of regeneration and gentrification.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Trident Way 2: The Southall Project

We are taking part in this exhibition:

Private View: Thursday 10th December 2009, 6pm-9.30pm.
Refreshments will be served. Free taxis from Southall Station.

Exhibition: Friday 11th - Friday 18th December, 11am-4pm daily.

Artists: Louise Ashcroft, Helen Barff, Nathan Birchenough, Neela Basu, Doug Burton, Anka Dabrowska, Danielle Drainey, Livia Garcia, Nathalie Guinamard, Elizabeth Hancock, Investigation Three (Lucie Galand, Anna Kontopoulou, Rashmi Munikempanna, Robbie Lockwood), Doug Jones, Helene Kazan, William Mackrell, Gemma Nelson, Savvas Papasavva, Assunta Ruocco, Jeni Snell, Sara Twomey, Nicolas Vass, David Snoo Wilson, Charlotte Young.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

ICA: School of Echoes, "The Cardew Object"

We will be there on the 21/22 November, at the Lower Gallery, behind the bookshop... please come :)

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Here, In and Around The Elephant Rooms

Together, At The Junction
PV I 29.07.09 I 6-9pm
30.07.09 – 02.08.09
A R A R I Investigation Three I Leah Elsey & Sonia Uddin I Matt&Ross/Grizedale Arts I Paul Teigh &
Martin Russell I What They Could Do, They Did

Together, At The Junction explores the relationship between collaborative art practice, community and public space. The Elephant Rooms invites jottaContemporary to facilitate artist engagement with a space in transition through live performances and site-specific works. The group exhibition will occupy The Elephant Rooms, a new roving art space in the Elephant and Castle Shopping centre founded and supported by Corsica Studios. The failed relic of a once promising 1960’s architectural structure will be the stage for a series of performances, live sound pieces and art works, in both the exhibition space and in the communal foyer space within the centre.

a r a r sound experiments occupy the gallery space with a live performance at the Private View and then venture into the Shopping centre’s communal space on Saturday the 1st of August at 2pm. Investigation Three conduct a sound recorded walk within the area at 2.30pm on Saturday the 1st of August.

jottaCONTEMPORARY identifies young and emerging artists who utilise varying discourses and disciplines. By creating an online profile of artwork on http://www.facebook.com/l/;jotta.com artists are given a platform for their work to be viewed, discussed and interacted with; encouraging artists to explore diverse projects and new approaches to exhibiting. jottaContemporary selects artists from within the jotta community, as well as showcasing artists who are still studying, recently graduated and working with young collectives all over London.

THE ELEPHANT ROOMS is a new transient art space which will pop-up at different locations throughout The Elephant and Castle Shopping Centre bringing art into vacant shops made available by St. Modwen, regeneration specialist and owners of the iconic building. Having built their reputation by establishing creative platforms in areas of regeneration, these days, Corsica Studios, is more likely to be known for hosting some of the most cutting edge live music in London. The Elephant Rooms will herald a return to their artistic origins providing a dedicated space in the heart of the community for arts and performance. South London has always been home to some of the most vibrant underground tendencies in both art and music. It has produced a succession of noteworthy art collectives and artists who, in the best traditions of DIY, have taken their fate into their own hands and set about finding less styled spaces in which exhibit their work. The Elephant Rooms will create a highly visible everyday context and provide the environment for these groups to converge and engage with new and different audiences.

Private view: Wed 29 July 2009, 6 -9 pm
Exhibition: 30 July – 02 August 2009 | 12 - 6 pm
Entrance: The Elephant and Castle Shopping Centre, Unit 316 Lower Ground Floor

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Participant Feedback Soundwalk 04/07/09

Walking through Elephant and Castle shopping centre with a soundrecorder changes everything about your perception of space.
Hearing the sounds around you amplified 'equalizes' them, every sound takes on the same value, whether it is children running around or the sound of your own footsteps. All hierarchy is gone and at first this can be quite confusing. I was never aware how much hearing influences your spatial awareness.
Listening to your surroundings this way removes you from the sound-sources and submerges you in them at the same time.

The sound in the shopping centre contrasted with the sound in and around the estate. Walking up a stairwell the sound of the road next to it came in and out of focus. There were a lot fewer sounds directly generated by people, the only two I came across were a man working on his car and two boys playing football in a garden. Although most of the sounds I recorded were either manmade or industrial there was also birdsong, wind and rustling leaves.

After walking around the almost deserted estate we met up again and a man who noticed us started talking to us about the area. It was interesting to hear his perspective on developments in the neighbourhood.

Walking on past South American cafes and establishments there was music and the sound of people interacting in different languages and of children playing.

Most of the people on the walk seemed to be interested in politics at different levels. For me this emphasized that the sounds themselves were a-political. It was my way of listening to them that added any political colour.

Going on the walk changed the way I listen and the way I thought about the recordings I had heard at the opening of the related exhibition at Raven's Row Gallery. It made me more aware of the sounds a community generates and how these sounds are part of everything that disappears when a community disappears. And all of us are part of the soundscapes that surround us.

I thought it was a very unique experience, and couldn' expect that sound would allow such a deeper vision of a space. That way, I found also interesting to hear about Elephant & Castle's history. It is rare to take time to discover the different "layers" of places in a city like London.

Thanks for this fantastic experience.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Monday, 6 July 2009

Soundwalk July 4th 2009

A sign on one of the car garages at Heygate Estate.

Heygate Estate

Chris getting ready to talk to the group about the park, his book and Elephant & Castle

Thursday, 18 June 2009

The sound of regeneration

A short edited sound scape of our wanderings in the Elephant, you can listen to it by going to:

There you can also download the file by right(PC)/ctrl(Mac) clicking on the blue file links, 52mb for CD quality, 6.82mb for quicker download mp3.

Let us know what you hear...

Investigation Team 3

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Invitation to an Amplified Soundwalk

Investigation Three invites you to an amplified soundwalk through Elephant & Castle on July 4th 2009 at 12 pm. We meet at the red elephant in front of the shopping complex. To reserve a place please email investigationthree@googlemail.com.

There would be a limited number of devices available so it is absolutely necessary that we know the number of people turning up. Further details about where we will be listening will be posted soon.

We look forward to hearing with you.

The Investigation Three team

Monday, 8 June 2009

Invitation to Event at Raven Row June 11/09

Raven Row Sessions

Participants in Ultra-red's Raven Row workshop report on their investigations
Thursday, 11 June, 6pm to 9pm.

Raven Row is located at

56 Artillery Lane, London E1 7LS, tel. +44 (0)20 7377 4300, www.ravenrow.org

As the first official artists in residency at Raven Row, the international art collective Ultra-red have conducted a five-session workshop on sound art and activism. The sixteen participants in the workshop -- billed the Raven Row Sessions of the School Of Echoes -- came from a wide range of backgrounds as artists, musicians, political organisers, activists, and students. From session to session, the sixteen participants developed a series of critical terms rooted in their own experiences. Terms like "community transformation," "crisis" and "composition," were explored through site-specific listening, recording, and composing at three locations in London.

Thursday, 11 June beginning at 6pm at Raven Row in Spitalfields, launches the on-going and in-process installation open until 2 August. Also during the 11 June event, the three investigations of the Raven Row Sessions report to the public on the status of their collective inquiries. The event is a chance for the sixteen members of the Raven Row Sessions to celebrate their collaboration as well as invite new participation in the on-going inquiries. The first investigation will present their report at promptly at 6:30pm, the second investigation will report at 7:10pm, and the third investigation will present their report to the public at 7:50pm. All are welcome to come, listen, and comment.

Participants in the Raven Row Sessions were: Sarbaz Ahmed, Gabriella Alberti, Nelly Alfandari, Camille Barbagalo, William Crisp, Lucie Galand, Andrea Giulivi, Gavin Grindon, Chris Jones, Fozia Khaliq, Anna Kontopoulou, Robbie Lockwood, Ana Laura Lopez de la Torre, Rashmi Munikempanna, Francesco Salvini, and Paul Swann.

For fifteen years Ultra-red has used sound to investigate anti-racist organising, the struggles of migration, social housing mobilisation, and AIDS activism. This history informed the approach to sound art and organising presented in the Raven Row Sessions. Members of Ultra-red who contributed to the workshop were Elizabeth Blaney, Manuela Bojadžijev, Pablo Garcia, Janna Graham, Taisha Paggett, Elliot Perkins, Dont Rhine, Robert Sember, and Leonardo Vilchis. Ultra-red's collective residency at Raven Row was made possible in part by a contribution from The Glass-House Trust.

While in the UK, members of the group will support Ultra-red's ongoing anti-racist work in the rural Southwest of England and early sound investigations with students and teachers in the Edgware Road neighbourhood, the latter undertaken in partnership with Serpentine Gallery.

Monday, 18 May 2009

Investigation Three at The Primer

We were invited to present a 3 min soundscape of the Elephant (the product of our sound investigation in the area) as part The Primer's Elephant & Castle special. The Primer is the cultural fix at South City Radio - a community radio station serving the people sur of the river. Ben Perry, the host, welcomed Lucie and Robbie, who played the clip and answer some questions about how the sound recording came about.

You can listen to the programme by visiting: http://www.southcityradio.org/

It includes nterviews with documentary photographer Patrick Sutherland, who from LCC is leading a photo documentary project with students, documenting the regeneration process; and resident architect Benedict O'looney interviews Robbie Turner, lead architect of the Strada Tower development.